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Sustainability is embedded in Green Kettle's DNA. We knew from the start that we wanted to incorporate as many sustainable practices to the shop as we possibly could. It wasn't possible for us to open with every sustainable practice in place, but we're going to implement each practice as soon as we can! Below is our list of sustainable accomplishments and our sustainable goals! If you're reading this and have a sustainable idea to add to the list, or you're reading this and think "hey, I can help you achieve a goal", reach out, we want to hear!

Current Practices

​We're humbled to have accomplished such important milestones since opening our doors. These were only possible because of passionate people, friendly neighbors, and loyal customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Our beans are organic, certified Fair Trade, and sourced from a local roaster in Connecticut.

  • The lights in our shop are Blank Blank which means Blank Blank

  • The cleaning products we use are Blank Blank

  • In an average month we've kept Blank cups out of landfills by offering a 5% discount on anyone who brings their own cups.



Composting in a nutshell is combining food scraps (nitrogen) and paper products (carbon) to create nutrient rich topsoil. In recent years we've seen topsoil depleting at alarmingly high rates. No top soil = no coffee! So you better believe Green Kettle Coffee wants to compost! Some things we hope to achieve are,

  •  Implement a program for customers to take our used coffee grounds for their own compost piles or gardens. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen!

  • Partner with a composting company to take our waste and compost it. 

  • Use cups/lids/utensils that are compostable.

Holding Soil


Organic and Local

Organic + Local=Sustainable. Our goal is to source as much organic goods from local sources as we can. 

  • Organic/local milk

  • Organic/local breads 

  • Local artists


Small but big details

Even the small details count! Some goals we have are to have more,

  • Locally sourced artwork.

  • Secondhand decorations.

  • Fully recyclable cups

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